Tool Maker

Job No.

Nature of Business

Job Description
- Perform & document measurements on new & in process tooling. Maintain tolerances to avoid poor quality products.
- Perform set-up of measuring devices, gauges, standards, equipment & provide necessary planning for tooling measurements.
- Support training of technicians and operators in measurement procedures, cleaning techniques, tooling care.
- Perform special assignments/projects, applying incrementally developed expertise, to demonstrate this capability will lead to increase responsibilities.
- Prepare & maintain reports according to tooling measurements & pertaining procedures.
- Analyse & graph database for tooling wear, trends.
- Develop & maintain response programs, (tooling damage corrective action).
- Develop & maintain knowledge of processes & materials utilized in the department.
- Organize & schedule maintenance routines for die strings, X-Head Pm's.
- Monitor & optimize stock inventories of new tooling, in process tooling, heaters, etc.
- Collaborate with suppliers on quality issues, specifications, etc.
- Research new products or alternative products for supporting tool room.
- Perform all duties as designated by supervisor/manager and/ or by the job position description.
- Develop & maintain a level of enthusiasm & attitude commensurate with the tooling specialist job title.
- Maintain an average or better-than-average level of rating on the relevant procedure's & special assignments.
- Must be able to read and understand prints and drawing of a mechanical nature.
- Be available for overtime assignments as required to fulfill job responsibilities.

- Must possess Associate Degree or calibration technician experience or Tool and die experience.
- Male, Chinese candidates.
- Min 2 year(s) of extrusion experience or commensurate measuring experience.
- Must be familiar with Computer Aided Drafting & Microsoft Office.
- Must present record of self-motivation & capability to perform job duties with minimal supervision.
- Must be able to read, write & comprehend the English language (i.e. the language of all plant directives) for required document control; must be able to perform general mathematical computations to endure appropriate interpretation and measurements of tooling tolerances.

RM3,000 - RM5,000.


Updated on : 12 / 09 / 2017