Japanese Speaking Quality Planning Supervisor (Engineer)

Job No.

Nature of Business
Manufacturing (Japanese)

Job Description
- To assist HOS and above.
- To supervise and educate the subordinates.
- To audit TMS and Supplier's production process.
- To investigate the defect cause, issue QIC and improve the quality.
- To inform the quality conditions and enhance the communication between suppliers.
- To improve and maintain the system of inspection and quality assurance.
- To prepare and control the documents such as drawing, product cautions etc.
- To exchange the quality information between Toto such as sending the defect parts etc.
- To maintain and control the measuring equipments, including calibration.
- To ensure all the system are met to Japan's and Malaysia's regulations.
- To consider and control the budget.
- To arrange and control all the equipment in office such as computer etc.
- To arrange the interview for new members and plan the training.
- To ensure the safety in ERD Department working areas.
- To maintain and implement Company's Quality System against the ISO 9001 requirement.
- To ensure not polluting the Company's Environment against the ISO 14001 requirement.
- To practice the Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) widely through out the organization.
- Safeguard as far as is practicable, the safety, health and welfare of the people who work under him/her.
- Awareness on the safety & health by taking precaution as to avoid untoward accidents from happening to himself/herself or to others while performing activities and also to cooperate with employer to promote safety & health as a whole.

- Must possess at least a diploma or degree in any field.
- Male, Open race.
- Required language: Japanese & English.
- Degree in E&E, Mechanical, Manufacturing or equivalent.
- At least 1-3 years related experience.
- Must able to speak, write & speak in Japanese.

RM 2,500 - RM 3,200 + allowances


Updated on : 13 / 03 / 2018