IT Technical Support

Job No.
Nature of Business: Trading
  • Install and configure IT devices’ hardware, software, with arranging network
  • Monitor and maintain IT devices and network
  • Provide IT technical support & handle all IT related matters in the company
  • Perform troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve problems of IT equipment and network
  • Respond in a timely manner to handle issues and requests
  • Arrange for repairing and replacing IT equipment as necessary
  • Advance IT project such as POS, network, & a set of IT devices in expanding our new store, warehouse & office in ASEAN region.
  • Negotiate with IT vendor about product’s or service’s price or scope for our benefit
  • Address cyber-security issue
  • Implement & manage RPA, AI, or BI tool
  • Manage Excel VBA & Power BI
  • Develop some small-scale system or WEB tool
  • Business English skills
  • More than 2 years of experience in IT industry or BPO industry for IT project
  • Experience in operation of Windows Server more than for 1 year
  • Experience in troubleshooting for network for more than 1 year or basic knowledge about network (CCNA or some NW certification holder is preferred)
  • Graduated from IT-related department
  • Experience in work or study for development of some software or WEB system
  • Study for IT certification
  • Great muiltitasking skills smoothly & calmly in any difficult situation
  • Good at logical thinking
  • Able to read & write in Japanese as a beginner or intermediate level
  • Age : Up to 40 years old
  • Languages Required:
    English, Bahasa Malaysia ,Mandarin, Basic Japanese
    Salary range:
    Consultant Name :
    WK Chong
    E-mail Address :
    Contact No. :